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Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry

We are an italian company Studying, Researching, Producing and Directly selling professional chemical and pharmaceutical products in the full respect of man and environment. Relying on over 45 years of experience the company covers the international markets with:

  • Biotechnological products, sanitizers and disinfectants, detergents, soaps, degreasers, pesticides, lubricants and greases, coolants, solvents and paint strippers, resins for surface treatment. It also produces specialties for treatment of water, metals, wood, leather, for building, for swimming pool, for glass industry, for food industry, for farming, for animal husbandry, for floriculture, for ecological services, for the automotive industry and many other industries, handicraft and services.

  • Provides selected equipments for the best use of the products.

  • Provides comprehensive HACCP services to the activities that need to comply with the Eupopean Regulations 852-853/04 CE - 178/02.

Advanced research labs and doctors graduate in various scientific disciplines allow the company to develop innovative products, providing excellent technical support to salesman and customers, covering all aspects of the use of the product in the professional field.

The production unit
operates with certified quality management system UNI EN ISO9001, works with ICEA Eco-Surfactants certification, is authorized by the Ministry of Health for the production of Biocides and participates in the Responsible Care, global programme for the protection of health of people and environment.

The salesmen and the customer service are carefully trained through specialized courses, in order to increase their professionalism and knowledge, also with trainings "on the field".

So the company is able to provide products for almost all sectors of industry, handicraft, services and public administrations, of any size, and offer a complete treatment for every professional need for chemicals.

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